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Mark The Clock Maker

Clock making has been in the Webber family for over 100 years.
My grandfather, A. G. Webber learnt the trade from his uncle in the UK before coming out to South Africa in the early 1900s. Grandad’s cousin, Gerald Webber spent his entire life working in the Westclocks factory in England.


My father was born in South Africa and worked under my grandfather for many years.


After my military service, I went to work for my father, R. G. Webber learning the practical aspects of the trade while studying watch and clock making for 3 years through the British Horological Institute. In my final year, I specialised in clock work.

About 30 years ago, I set up shop on my own, doing both watch and clock work. About 15 years ago, I decided to revert back to doing clocks only.


Currently we are maintaining the Pietermaritzburg Town Hall Clock. You can see the video clip by clicking on the YouTube Link below:



The Workshop

My workshop is fully equipped to carry out virtually any manufacturing work needed in the clock repair business. Making of balance staffs; gear cutting; designing and replacing lost parts and general servicing of clocks, is all in a normal days work in this workshop.


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